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One Damn Thing After Another PDF-The former attorney general provides a candid account of his historic tenures serving two vastly different presidents, George H.W. Bush and Donald J. Trump.

William Barr’s first tenure as attorney general under President George H.W. Bush was largely the result of chance, while his second tenure under President Donald Trump a deliberate and difficult choice. One Damn Thing After Another PDF-In this candid memoir, Barr takes readers behind the scenes during seminal moments of the 1990s, from the LA riots to Pan Am 103 and Iran Contra. Thirty years later, Barr faced an unrelenting barrage of issues, such as Russiagate, the COVID outbreak, civil unrest, the impeachments, and the 2020 election fallout. One Damn Thing After Another PDF-One Damn Thing After Another is vivid, forthright, and essential not only to understanding the Bush and Trump legacies, but also how both men viewed power and justice at critical junctures of their presidencies.-One Damn Thing After Another PDF

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One Damn Thing After Another PDF This is the best book for anyone around the world to download and must read whether of any age or any profession as they will improve the thinking with which you live your life dramatically.

The Authors

One Damn Thing After Another PDF William Barr, in full William Pelham Barr, (born May 23, 1950, New York City), American lawyer and government official who served as attorney general of the United States during the administrations of Presidents George H.W. Bush (1991–93) and Donald Trump (2019–20). Barr was the second person in U.S. history to serve twice as attorney general (the first was John J. Crittenden).-One Damn Thing After Another PDF

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  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ William Morrow (March 8, 2022)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 608 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0063158604
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0063158603
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 1.71 pounds
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6 x 1.56 x 9 inches
  • Book Name :One Damn Thing After Another PDF

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Top reviews

linda galella “set the record straight as he sees it, “One Damn Thing After Another”.

My pre-reading expectation was to not like this book and to like Barr even less. After reading the almost 600 pages, my opinion of Barr is changed, to some degree. Altho’ there’s a bunch of CYA explanations with respect to most thorny issues, (Russiagate, Comey, Impeachments, Epstein, Election Fraud…), he does come across as a patriot and one who served for the greater good of our country, not personal gain, which he didn’t need. Barr was happily and comfortably retired with his wife newly recovered from cancer and not happy at all with the tho’t of him re-entering public, political service.

The first third of the book is focused on Barr’s biography, family history, the stuff that prepared him to serve not once, but twice, (Bush & Trump), as Attorney General of the United States. Only one other man has done this and he’s the only one to do so in two different centuries. His additional work history is varied and prepared him well for this demanding position.

Barr is adamant in his political views which will not sit well with some readers. He’s a Republican but not opposed to bipartisanship. He is opposed to extremism, left, right or wherever it comes from. Barr is not shy sharing his feelings about those he believes are pushing our country into Marxism and spends a lot of pages providing supporting examples.

As this is classified a memoir, there are no notes; it’s Barr’s memories of events. There is an extremely detailed index that is NOT interactive in the Kindle version but it does have subcategories. The index on Donald Trump is multiple pages and can be enhanced by location, event or date and there are other well detailed entries.

There are 30 pictures included that you might miss in the Kindle edition. You need to flip to the “Photo Section” and click on the blue highlighted words. It takes a few seconds to access but my iPad Pro showed a small 2” x 3” photo, one per screen, some in color, some in sepia and others in black & white. They are a very interesting collection of Barr’s history in political service.

Seven plus months until the midterms are upon us. Life here in the USA is volatile while we watch the horrors being perpetrated by Putin upon the democracy of Ukraine. The stock market is tumbling; gas, oil, food and durable goods are rising too fast for most folks to manage and talk of recession is no longer an occasional whisper.

While this isn’t an hard hitting, investigative volume, Barr’s memoir is an opportunity for concerned citizens to have a view of what went right and what most definitely did not prior to our next opportunity to have our voices heard”

carla “I read the review that gave this book low rating and I feel like they’re missing Haidt’s main point/ reason to write about this book. Haidt is concerned about social cohesion. And the thing is social cohesion comes from homogeneity or at least shared values or activities. Considering that the left is all about diversity, newness and difference, it makes sense that he would portray it in a somewhat negative light. The problem with insisting on difference and individuality, is that instead of making society adapt to you, it makes society notice your difference even more and hence, cause more bigotry and racism. Furthermore, I would like to point out something about diversity and multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is a pretty word that is tossed around when we’re talking about diversity, but it seems to me that very few people understand it.

Multiculturalism hardly means people living together as a community, it means having community within a larger community. Take the example of London, you have people from Eastern Europe on one side, the Polish only stays with the Polish, the Slovakian with the Slovakian and so on and so forth. Then, you have Black Jamaican who make up another unit. You have Black African (Anglophone and Francophone) – Nigerian, Ghanaian, Ugandan, Ivorian, Congolese…etc. Obviously nobody actually mix together. Nigerian stays with Nigerian, Ivorian with Ivorian and so on and so forth. Then you have Indians and Pakistani who stays with people who come from the same country as them. Even Italian in London usually stays with Italians. In fact not long ago, an Italian told me that there was a big association for Italian in London and that he was a member. There are many other group that I skipped because I couldn’t be bothered but you understand what I mean. And then you have the English – some accept this diversity (usually easier in good economic time), others merely tolerate it.

All group have a natural tendency toward self-segregation. But on top of that, these days we have an external pressure from the Left. The Left does everything it can to remind people how different they are from another, besides picking nonsense battle which erode social trust and our already tenuous social cohesion (i.e tearing statues, protests on university…etc).

The left in its haste to remake fail to understand that a) the world as it is though not perfect is way better than it use to be and b)that if they continue it will only lead us to a civil war. There is still poverty but anyone who’d read history would know that it’s nothing as it used to be (read for example Way to Wigan Road), racism though still a major issue is better now than it ever was. I should also point out something people always talk about how Trump brought a fascist state, about how much of a Nazi he is and so on and so forth. Do they not realise that if they were living in a true Nazi state they could not insult him, or his supporter the way they do on TV or even anonymously on social media? Trump is bad, but no he’s isn’t creating a new Nazi Germany or URSS. And really saying such things is terribly insensitive to the people who lived through those time.

By the way, I do not mean to say that injustice should not be tackled, but it has to be done in a pragmatic and useful way. Concretely, though I understand why he did this, what has Kaeparnick protesting the American flag accomplished besides increasing polarisation? Similarly, for the last couple of years I have heard using terms such as white privilege, white supremacists, old white men, patriarchy and other similar words in almost in every sense and often when they aren’t warranted. But what has it accomplished? It has created a backlash from conservative and annoyed liberals. You also have white liberals who have accepted those terms. But I believe for some, it is only a cool trend they have stumbled into, for other it is a form of religion which I’m not entirely sure they fully believe into, and the last group simply feel obliged.

To be clear, I do believe that in an unfair world, black people are more likely to suffer from unfairness than white people. There are various reasons for this bias and prejudice, the fact that black people are a numeral minority (10% of black in US, only 2% in UK and probably also about 2% in France) whereas white are the majority, lack of economic power of black people in the country they live, lack of economic country of African countries and cultural difference. So, in a sense I believe that white privilege exists, but I think that the way we go about talking about it is simply too divisive and does not promote understanding or even compassion.

I am very well aware of all the wrong white led country have done in history. Though if we’re being very fair about it, Arab countries (slavery) and Asian countries (mostly Japon have done the same [severe colonisation of neighbours]) have done similar misdeed. But really, we can’t expect someone to understand our point of view when we scream have him that the colour of his skin make him a bad person, even if he personally hasn’t done anything. Or when we say that all white people are basically evil. I understand where people are coming from when they say that. Exchanging with someone who has entrenched beliefs about you & your people, who simply cannot imagine that his experience is not the experience of everybody else or someone who is wilfully ignorant/ selectively chose morsel of history (many Conservative) can be very trying. Nonetheless, if our objective is to make a positive change then we need to change how we communicate.

Going back to the book, though Haidt says that Conservative have six moral foundation rather than the Liberal’s three, he does point out the flaws within the Conservative movement. Besides, Haidt never said that having the six moral foundation mean that you can’t be biases or that your reasoning is perfect. In fact, you could argue that he said the contrary. One more thing, someone pointed out that if Conservative score high in Loyalty how come they distrust the government. Well, this reading is wrong. Conservative do trust government to provide a good environment/ market, they trust the government’s words, including its lies. Essentially, they gov to rule the environment but not the individual. You should remember that they also score high in Liberty. Hence, it isn’t surprising that they do not want an external force to rule them.

I suppose some people aren’t happy just because he didn’t call them racist idiots. By the way, even after reading this book, I still have trouble reconciling my initial views with the picture Haidt presented. What I’m trying to say is that though Haidt’s book gave me a lot of insight, I still have much to digest.

I would recommend this book to anyone who want to understand politics and their neighbours with different political opinion.

There’s only one thing which the book is missing for me. It is a niggle and really, Haidt already did enough and couldn’t have looked at this. But I wonder how morality work/ develop across race. For example, a lot of black people are liberal/ democrats because this side have generally been against injustice and willing to do something for the lower section of society. But, could it be that some despite their skin colour are actually closer in their moral spectrum to the white conservative they despise (and who in turn may despise them)? More bluntly said, if instead of being black, they had been born white, could their political leaning be completely different because being white and conservative doesn’t come with the same baggage has being black and conservative? Really, if they white conservative could leave out his bias, could the black who have the same moral makeup as him get along better with him than with fellow black who do not have the same moral buds?

Really, I can’t help wondering how much who you are outside influence your political leaning despite who you are inside. If I had the opportunity I would have done a Phd on this. But ah…I’m way too busy. Has anyone ever thought about this?

In any case, as I said, highly recommended!”

Paula Higgins “Having read many biographies by political or public figures, I
am usually left thinking they weren’t revealing, witty or interesting.
That is definitely not the case here. What a great book! It is a wonderful
read from beginning to end. This book answers many questions and it provides
great insight into all the administrations he served in, especially the Trump

Bill Barr is a man of true consequence both
professionally and as a human being. His observations and comments
about President Trump are fair. Whether you like or dislike President Trump,
It is clear Bill Barr gave the best advice possible at all times, but he
would not sacrifice his integrity for anyone. or to fit any narrative.

I highly recommend this book. It is also very well written, coherent and it
flows beautifully. His dry wit is everywhere. Get it. You won’t be sorry.”


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