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The Vocabulary Builder Workbook PDF

Features of The Vocabulary Builder Workbook PDF

The Vocabulary Builder Workbook PDF-Improve your vocabulary with simple lessons and activities

Building your vocabulary requires more than flash cards. That’s why leading test-prep expert, Chris Lele, developed a new method for introducing words into your vocabulary. With The Vocabulary Builder Workbook, you’ll gain and retain a fundamental understanding of more than 1,400 essential words.

Ideal for those taking the SAT, ACT, or GRE―or for those who simply want to boost their writing and speaking skills― this workbook makes the task of expanding your vocabulary an opportunity for real learning and growth.

This vocabulary workbook includes:

  • Expertly designed lessons―Explore lessons organized by theme to help you identify roots, form associations, and recognize thousands of additional words outside of this workbook.
  • A progressive approach―Build up your vocabulary with lessons that steadily increase in difficulty for continued advancement.
  • Retention-focused activities―Discover exercises designed to help you remember every word long after the test is over.

Increase your vocabulary and become a better reader, writer, and test-taker with The Vocabulary Builder Workbook.

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Description of The Vocabulary Builder Workbook PDF

The Vocabulary Builder Workbook PDF is one of the best medical books for students and professionals on the subject of test preparation. It is a must download.

The Authors

The Vocabulary Builder Workbook PDF

CHRIS LELE is a passionate teacher and vocabulary wizard. As a senior curriculum manager at the leading test prep company Magoosh, Chris inspires students from around the world with engaging and progress-focused lesson plans. Beyond the classroom, Chris reaches out to students through his YouTube channel (with over 10 million views).

Dimensions and Characteristics of The Vocabulary Builder Workbook PDF

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Zephyros Press; Workbook edition (March 20, 2018)
  • Language ‏ : ‎ English
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 254 pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 193975481X
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1939754813
  • Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 1.55 pounds
  • Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7.9 x 0.7 x 9.9 inches
  • Book Name : The Vocabulary Builder Workbook PDF

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Top reviews

LAM “I was very excited to receive this book; however, within minutes- minutes- I found glaring inaccuracies. As an example, Lesson 163, page 164 , focuses on learning the root ‘ec.’ The first vocabulary word is ‘eccentric.’ The problem is that the root of ‘eccentric’ is actually ‘cent(r)’ which means, rather obviously, ‘center.’ In the word ‘eccentric,’ the prefix ‘ec’ means ‘out of.’ At the beginning of the book, the author highly recommended approaching vocabulary acquisition by learning the roots of words, so one would hope that the lessons relating to roots would be, um, accurate. I’m soooooooo disappointed, and hope you don’t waste your money like I did!”

Whitney “I hate to give this a less than optimal review as it clearly is a book full of valuable vocabulary- I’m just not a fan of the lay out. I’ve used picture vocabulary books in the past and will continue with that path. I felt there were too many words crammed on each page, not enough examples for each word (and half of them don’t have any used in an example) and the exercises are very short and don’t really allow you to really practice the words. I find it hard to remember all the words on one page with little practice before your on to the next page. It’s not the books fault- I’d say I’m a visual leaner and learn/REMEMBER new words best with images versus just word explanations. Also I wasn’t a fan of the pronounciation guide provided- I found myself looking up online how to pronounce certain words which defeats the purpose.”
Ariel “I was very surprised when I received this book in the mail. For the reasonable price that I paid, I expected a thin, cheap workbook. However, it is lengthy and the cover of the book is a velvet texture–a great hand feel. I purchased this for my fifth grader to work on intermittently as a supplement to his homeschool curricula. The worksheets are very accessible and I appreciate the “extras” such as etymology etc. I personally would love to see an integration into the vocabulary builder app in which one could input the completed lesson numbers and build a customized quiz to aid in retention. Either way, great product to supplement a fantastic web/app presence and study tool. It is a fun supplement for our family.”

apoem “I couldn’t find where it gave a grade level for this book. I would say it’s going to be great for people who want to improve their vocabulary for test taking at the high school and college level.

This book is split up into sections such as ‘Words with French Origins’ or ‘Animal Vocabulary’ etc.
Each section might be 2 -4 or 6 pages long. It covers a wide range of words.

On each page there is about six vocabulary words. I’m not sure of the distinction but there are three or four main words and then in a little box on the side with another three or four words. All of them pertaining to the section.
Each word is defined and a sentence is provided so you can see the word in action.

At the bottom of each page there is a little quiz on those words. The quiz might have four or five questions and the format changes. One page might have a multiple choice questions and another page might have a fill in the blank quiz. The important thing is it gives you an opportunity to practice using those words.

With all of that said, I don’t think I’d call this a workbook so much as a review of vocabulary. If there were longer quizzes or more review or even if the quizzes would continually test words from previous pages then that would be much more helpful.

IF you are about to take a big test and want to improve your vocabulary or refresh it, this would be a great option. I use this in my homeschooling with my high school kids. If you are getting ready to take the ACT or GRE this would probably be a helpful resource provided you have time to read the words, practice them and study them. If you want a word of the day to increase your personal vocabulary, this would be a useful book because often you will see opposites together on the same page so you can learn 2-3 words at once.”

Tonya Chapin “When I ordered this, I was trying to by books that would help me with learning French. I don’t know why this was in the French section, but apparently I didn’t look too closely at it, but I thought I was ordering a French Vocabulary Book. I was so disappointed when it arrived! I started the process of returning it, but then I spent some time looking at it and I realized this is something I could benefit from. It has 200 lessons, with about 8 new words per lesson. It was less than $10. It was a big, sturdy book even though it was paperback. I’m taking about 3 days per lesson because I want to thoroughly learn all the words. Other people might go thru it much faster, but this was the pace for me. I like it very much! I’m learning a lot. I am definitely keeping it. I highly recommend it for teens who need more words for their SATs and for adults like me, who have never stopped learning. Buy this book! It is worth every penny!”



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The Vocabulary Builder Workbook PDF

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